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After the 21 st. IFTTA international conference held in Brazil, the Co-Presidents of the Forum issued to organizing committee  an official permission for the creation and establishment of the Brazilian Chapter called “IFTTA Brazil.”

Nowadays, the  IFTTA Brazil is a “Section” that follows the IFTTA International bylaws and the same principles of the international body. Therefore, IFTTA Brazil has the official recognition of  a  “Section “, ie: an extension of the international entity without legal autonomy represented by  Brazilian members which decisions shall be submitted to the  Board of the International entity.

The Forum brings together not only international lawyers, but anyone interested in legal issues of travel and tourism law. The term “advocates” is broad and it covers all fields of interest in the legal aspects of the tourism. To cite some examples: academic tourismologists, entrepreneurs in the various branches of activity in the tourism sector (such as transportation, food, events and tourist accommodation facilities), members of the judiciary, the executive and legislative power, and the lawyers.

The group responsible for facilitating the IFTTA Brazil activities met in Sao Paulo on July 14, 2010 with support of the São Paulo Convention Visitors Bureau SPCVB. See below  the photo of the administrative meeting.

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